My Daughter the Rock Star

“Once more unto the breach, dear friends”. Life never stops, does it? Jill came home Sunday carrying a case of Anime Plague-now also known as a severe ear infection. What else to expect when 20,000 people converge indoors, right? Shoulda counted on something like this… Her fever spiked yesterday at 102.3. Unfortunately, things at work are hectic for both the Viking and me, so staying home and getting her to the doctor was going to be problematic. Enter the Dragon, er….Captain Chaos… I mean our oldest -Jocelyn. She graciously offered to stay home, take Major Mayhem, aka Jill, to the doctors and run errands as needed. She got excused absences from her professors and so dropped me off at work this morning. I called for the appt-getting one for 10am. We had a definitive diagnosis by 10:30. I caught a ride home with a co-worker friend this afternoon. Jill was resting, Joc was watching TV and texting. The antibiotics had been purchased and the house straightened up. Kudos and a big Thank You to my first girl. I was able to get my work done today without worrying (too much) about my second. The family worked together like a well oiled machine. I am grateful tonight for the caring and compassion we demonstrated to each other. Peace, out.

La Familia, 2007


6 thoughts on “My Daughter the Rock Star

    • payback for all the times I’ve carted her around? Now I just hope the antibiotics start kicking in. Jill woke up with a fever still this morning. No school today due to a teachers in service but yikes! Dr gave her sulfa – which I am toxically allergic to ( I spiked a 106 fever and ended up in ICU last time I took it years ago) Have to break up the pills for her to swallow and this morning she decided to mix them with either pudding or applesauce. yummy….

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