Sad, Funny, True

Found on Facebook this evening…don’t know who to attribute it to.

5th most dangerous city in the US. Drive through, keep going!


8 thoughts on “Sad, Funny, True

  1. haha! I’ve seen this around Facebook, too, except it’s Bridgeport instead of Springfield. It’s the largest city in Connecticut and well… not the best place to hang out. My sister’s boyfriend goes to college and Springfield and always comes home with a story. However, Massachusetts as a state is a great place- my favorite of New England 🙂

    • Thanks Sarah! You’ve been busy with your activities if I am to judge by your site – Love keeping up with you! Spfld is definitely the city of stories….. 😉 talk to you soon Have a great day!

    • No it’s because of the gang violence, murders and other violent crimes. It’s a cesspool in some areas. I had to spend a month downtown working on a project for my company last year, you can bet I never went anywhere alone. I’m less afraid in Boston and NYC.

  2. By the way: I did a piece on taking responsibility and apologizing with you and your writings in mind. If you haven’t seen, check it out.

    • Yup the I’m sorry what I said offended you is not an apology- its “qualified”. A True apology begins with I’m sorry, and ends with a description of what was done or not done to be sorry about. And there’s absolutely no “but..” after a true apology.

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