Color Splash: Flowers and Martinis

I have a couple selective colorization apps I’ve been playing around with: color splash and i splash pro. I’m getting comfortable with both, not sure which I prefer. I like how this one turned out using color splash.


I also like how this one turned out.


And this one:



4 thoughts on “Color Splash: Flowers and Martinis

    • Thank you! My OCD has kicked in and I just spent like an hour scribbling on my phone screen with my finger!! Lol! I gotta get an iPad (when the price comes down)

  1. We are learning to use new cameras too. I read about these filters, but they did not make sense to me. I like the setting which “makes people look healthy with soft skin”. I’m not sure if that is a translation issue or way to make us pale, wrinkly people look better. Anyway, the redbud flowers that I used on my blogs header are from last weekend’s hike in the mountains.

    • Love those flowers on your header!!! Basically the iPhone app is just like scribbling with your finger. You only color in the parts you want to. Me with my”gotta stay between the lines” OCD – it’s been interesting. I like that I can do this stuff on my phone! I have a photoshop actions setting on my computer called Lovely and Ethereal
      which probably is close to the beautiful skin one you mentioned. It probably does make the saggy/baggys go away lol! I’m having some fun with this stuff for sure! Talk to you soon, thanks for checking in! D. 😀

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