Checking In

Just a quick note here, my friends.  What a weekend its been so far…  I will have lots to write about when we get back home.  I am hoping that Miss Mayhem will consent to do a guest post on her Anime Boston Experience.  (which if I am to judge by her texts and pictures she’s sent,  has been wickedly awesome).  My husband surprised me and took me to a lovely dinner at an Inn in NH where we spent a couple of wonderfully romantic weekends back when we could afford to do so.  And the family reunion this afternoon was fun, and bittersweet.  It was lovely to see my husband’s extended family, and sad that at least one of them will probably not be with us this time next year.  I will have lots of pictures and at least 3 or 4 posts to go along with them.

I also have to thank all you guys who take the time to check this site. My views have skyrocketed these last few days for some reason, and I’m grateful.  I am also so grateful for the friendships and connections I’ve made, and continue to make,  within the blogging community.  Y’all seriously ROCK!  Thanks for the love and support.


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