Tales from the Northland: A Viking Courtship

Model of a typical Viking Longship.

Model of a typical Viking Longship. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As promised, I’m continuing my saga of how I met and married Blondie -aka The Viking. This post will be much shorter than the first if only because Vikings are fast movers. It must be genetic. So where were we? Ahh yes, broken hand on the first date… Betcha all were wondering how in the world I ever accepted a second one… ( he’s too cute to resist is why, and the broken hand was partially my fault so I couldn’t really hold it against him). Our second official date was to go roller-skating at the Rollaway Rink in Agawam MA (sadly its no longer there – now converted to the administrative offices for Six Flags New England) Roller-skating, you say? With a broken hand? Yep – I was a bit more coordinated back then, way before inline skates were made. I could even skate backwards. The only thing I never learned how to do was use the brakes. My stop method was always a controlled crash. He didn’t have his drivers license back then so he put gas in the car and I drove. Nice time, and no other broken bones. We had several of these types of casual dates before I left on a trip to visit my best friend and her husband down in Beaufort, South Carolina.

I had a super week with my friends- and made some new ones. I discovered the joys of Peach Nehi, Moon-pies, Frogmore Stew, Crabbin – and the “joy” of large flying cockroaches “encroaching” into the shower…. Had quite the adventurous bus ride back home. Ended up assisting a very pregnant young lady who went into seizures on the bus. I never did find out how she made out…. While I was away the Viking was busy socializing ( ingratiating himself) with my mom. She’d invited him over for dinner once or twice while I was gone. When I arrived at the bus station, not only was my mother there to pick me up but there he was as well- holding a solid half dozen peace roses (my favorites) to welcome me back.

Now to this point (about a month into dating) I’d been keeping a very low profile. My friends knew I was kinda sorta seeing somebody – but nobody’d met him yet – except Brian and Kathy. So that night I decided it was time to introduce him to the group. I had promised the lot of them that when I did start dating again I would actually listen to their opinions this time. Ok, I’d kissed more than a few frogs (this does not include “John”) before meeting my Prince – wayyy more than my fair share- and apparently they all thought I had trouble discerning between amphibians and human royalty (with some justification) sooo they made me promise. My group hung out at a joint called The Reagle Beagle in Indian Orchard. We’d been regulars there since forever. I held my 21st birthday party there even. We NEVER caused trouble and treated the place like a second home. Which it was – every Thursday, Friday and Saturday night. Its nice to be known in these types of places, there’s definitely perks. Not the least of which in this case was that nobody carded him because he was with me. (Shhhh! Don’t tell on me 😉 ) You can also get your ex thrown out of the bar with just a word to the bartender….. jussayin

The general consensus from my friends was that they thought he was nice – but too young for me to get serious with. They ALL advised me to have my”fling” and move on. They predicted it wouldn’t last even two years. (shows ya what they knew! ;p ) But everyday I found something I liked even more about him then I did the day before. The way his eyes crinkled when he smiled or laughed. His unique laugh. His innate sensitivity and politeness. His logical approach to problems. And of course, the whole “Norse God” thing he had goin on…. He grew on me – like a fungus – just kidding. I knew I was getting more serious about the relationship when I asked him to house-sit with me when my Mom went to visit her relatives in upstate Vermont for a weekend. He accepted. It was better than sneaking me into his rented room at the all-men hotel he was living at when I first met him.

He didn’t talk much about his family- except to say that most of them lived in Washington (the state). His biological mother lived here in town at the time, and he’d lived with her, her husband,and his much younger half- brother when he first moved out here. I hadn’t met them yet, but I was about to. My life was getting set to change in ways I never could have thought of – mostly for the good.


7 thoughts on “Tales from the Northland: A Viking Courtship

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  2. Although I listen to my friends as though they were my professional therapists, I would say not to let the fact that this guy is younger than you affect your growing relationship with him. As long as the two of you get along well and have fun … well, that is all that matters. Live it up! Dwelling on an age difference is just going to get in the way of any potential future with him. Nice post! 🙂

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