Before You Speak ….


Is what you have to say:

Truthful and also Tactful





 T-H-I-N-K should be the filter we use before we speak.  Engage brain before engaging mouth.  First, is what you have to say necessary? If not, then don’t say it. Is it helpful?  If you do have to offer constructive criticism then try to filter it with tact, truthfulness and kindness.  Finally, not only can what you actually say be inspiring – you can inspire others by example using T-H-I-N-K.

Excerpt from “Criticism” on Wikipedia:

“Constructive criticism aims to show that the intent or purpose of something is better served by an alternative approach. In this case, making the criticism is not necessarily deemed wrong, and its purpose is respected; rather, it is claimed that the same goal could be better achieved via a different route. Constructive criticisms are often suggestions for improvement – how things could be done better or more acceptably. They draw attention to how an identified problem could be solved, or how it could be solved better”.

The basic aim of a positive criticism is usually to provide a better orientation, or frame of reference, for behavior. It provides an idea which people can act on to improve the situation. At the very least, it provides more choices for behavior, and therefore potentially enlarges behavioral freedom.A positive criticism can be stated as a positive alternative (“there are good reasons for thinking that we are better off to do Y, instead of X”). It does not necessarily say, that the option criticized is all bad, but rather that an alternative option is better, or more preferable”.

“If you can’t say somethin’ nice, don’t say nothin’ at all”.  ~ Thumper’s Mom, in ‘Bambi’ 1942.

Young adult Thumper thumping his foot from Bambi

Young adult Thumper thumping his foot from Bambi (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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