Bless the Beasts….

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“Bless the Beasts and the Children, for in this world they have no voice – They have no choice.

Bless the Beasts and the Children for the world can never be the world they see.

Light their way when the darkness surrounds them. Give them Love – let it shine all around them.

Bless the Beasts and the Children, give them shelter from the storm. Keep them safe, keep them warm. “

~ music and lyrics by: Perry Botkin Jr. & Barry DeVorzon

performed by: The Carpenters

Those of you who know me – or who have gotten to know me on my blog – know that I have a few hot button issues – not least of which are personal responsibility and accountability. I also am passionate about advocating for children, folks with special needs, and animal rescue. So let me tell you about Jack. Jack is a lab mix who came to be adopted by my co-worker and her husband via the local animal shelter. Jack has a horrific back story and was SEVERELY abused throughout his short life. He came to my friends a few months ago, skeletal, and scared to death. Jack is a lovely, beautiful dog who has filled out nicely since going home with his new Mom and Dad. They love him to pieces. However Jack suffers from severe PTSD due to what he has endured. – I wonder if hell is hot enough for those “people” who abused him to burn in?- and I’m thinking there’s no way it can be after what they did to Jack. (and there I go with responsibility and accountability again…)

My friends are working closely with their vet and an animal behaviorist, but Jack has had a setback. He got startled the other day and all the great strides he’s been making – like being able to be leashed to go outside (his former owners beat him with one); accepting being petted, etc have gone by the wayside. He’s a hot mess and I feel so terribly for him and for my friends, who can barely get near him. She actually has to leave the room so Jack will go to his dish and eat his food. He’s absolutely petrified of the world now, and I think they are wondering if they can help him. They’re not giving up on him, and they’re certainly not blaming him. His behavior issues are not his fault by any stretch.  And that my friends, is the difference between responsible caring HUMAN BEINGS and slimy pieces of filth that should be rotting away in prison somewhere.

Sadly, we have all too often seen that animal abuse does not carry anywhere near the penalties deserved. They have no voice, and cannot defend themselves against the monstrous cruelties inflicted on them. It is our duty to create that safe, warm and loving environment where our pets, our children – all those we are responsible for – can flourish and grow. In Jack’s case – I sincerely hope and pray its not too late. So before you go to sleep tonight – say a little prayer for Jack, and for all the voiceless who are enduring the unendurable right now. May they all find loving homes and caring Moms and Dads to put them back together again.


23 thoughts on “Bless the Beasts….

  1. Jack will be in my prayers ❤ The human piece of S#!T that hurt Jack will be in my prayers too, I pray that there is a special place in Hell for them. I hope that since this posting that Jack is doing better. Poor sweet baby Jack deserves only happy days filled with love and hugs. God Bless you Jack.
    My furry babies, 'Tini and Pinto say, "Bow Wow friend. Feel better SOON"

    • Jack is actually doing much better, they took him off all meds and are retitrating with one antianxiety med,and have engaged a dog trainer to work closely with them. It will be a long process but we think he’s going to be ok! Thank you for your good wishes and for stopping by. Hugs! Donna

    • She walked by him and startled him. Plus the vet says he may be having a backwards reaction to his antianxiety meds, so they took him off all the meds and are starting from scratch again. I dont think theyre giving up on him, they just are frustrated for the poor guy!

  2. “Not to hurt the creatures brethren is our first duty to them,

    but to stop there is not enough. We have a higher mission –

    to be of service to them wherever they require it.”

    Saint Francis

    We’ll be praying for Jack and his people. Please give them hugs from us.

  3. I hope your friends will be able to hang in there. There are remarkable stories of the most abused animals ever turning around, but it ain’t easy. We support the local shelter. But there is a large shelter, privately run, in Arizona that we support and has done awesome things with some of the worst cases imagineable. I’m sending a contribution to them in Jack’s name.

    Thanks for sharing the story.

      • No, thank you for putting this out to the universe, and give our thanks to your friends for their heroic efforts.

        • Jack’s doing a bit better today-actually approached my friend, put his head on her leg and accepted some petting for a minute. She can tell he really wants to interact, he’s just too scared. They’re titrating down his Prozac, and they are considering a stronger med prn for when he’s terrified. He also responds well to his thundershirt.

          • Good news. Our check went out today. Best Friends Animal Society, Kanab, Utah.

          • Thats so awesome! I told my friend today what you were going to be doing, she was very moved and said to tell you Thanks! Will keep you posted!

        • Barney – Update: Jack is doing much better. They took him off all meds and then just added one anti-anxiety one. They’re working closely with an awesome dog trainer and he’s making excellent progress!

          • That is such great news. Thanks for keeping me in the loop, and thank your friends for their patience and willingness to go the extra mile to help their dog

          • Lets see, sunny, clear blue skies, about 65 degrees at 8 AM, may go to 75 mid day. Yup, a great day here in the mountains…

          • overcast, mid seventies here – tomorrow looks better. last nights weather was crazy with tornado watches in Berkshire county…. Helluva light show!

    • Barney – just wanted you to know that Jack is doing great. Meds, therapy and a great trainer/dog whisperer. My friend has been able to take him out for long walks, and he has become a complete goofball.

      • Wonderful News! Amazing to see some of the most incorrigable dogs turned around with care, patience, and love. Send my thanks to your friends!

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