Move It!

Wow, it’s been a rough couple of days. In particular yesterday after getting the news about the one and only car, my stress level rocketed straight into high orbit. Other family members’ interpersonal issues and stresses intersected, and the result was quite unpleasant, to say the least. So before going to sleep last night I prayed for some guidance; and some direction to get back on a positive road. Some kind of message….

This morning, I logged onto my blog site and there it was. In the form of a comment from my friend Oscar “The Hermit”. He’d commented my post from a day or two ago “Young at Heart”. The whole comment was great, but two words stood out to me: “Keep moving“, he said. The light-bulb went on – so if you’re living in the Northeast and things suddenly became brighter about 15 minutes ago, that was me-and you’re welcome! 😉

Keep moving…. it’s the only choice. If I stand still like a deer in the headlights I will get run over. I can move physically, get some stuff done, go for a walk, – all of which will benefit and distract me. I can move creatively, do some writing, take some pictures – both will soothe me and boost my self-esteem. I can get going intellectually and read a good book, engage in meaningful conversation with someone. I can just get moving on my to do list and instead of freezing up and stressing – figure out what needs to be done then do it. And I can (and should) get moving spiritually – because I just got a great message that I should show some gratitude for. Spiritually, I should also apologize for my role in the FUBAR known as yesterday. I can do this if only because I have no alternatives. I gotta keep moving.

The Millefiori Ceiling at The Bellagio, Las Vegas NV


13 thoughts on “Move It!

  1. Thanks for the kind words. Perhaps I should do a blog on the big 50 and its milestones!!

    BTW: My brother just called from NE and said Dateline is doing a piece tonight on Bullying and that girl Phoebe who committed suicide in So. Hadley 2 years ago. That was my old HS.

    • I did a post on that back in January. So sad. And there’s more stuff going on there. A mom of an autistic teen says her daughter was forced out of school due to bullying. The superintendent has resigned a few months ago.

      • WP is acting up again, or I am just too “senior” to get it right. This is about the bullying.

        I understand the parent whom the Super. wouldn’t let speak at the town meeting, (He had him removed by the police) just won a $75,000 judgement against So. Hadley. That Super should have been gone long ago, with his “this is just kids being kids” attitude, and the numerous complaints about bullying, from students, parents, and teachers.

    • And yes before I have another senior moment you should do a blog on the milestones. Im thinking of participating in the 30 days of blogging honesty thing thats going around, but IDK if i want to do the dare that goes along with it. I think I have more than enough to say anyway so probly not this year LOL

        • my blogging friend Tom did it last year with one of his blogger friends. You have to answer 30 questions honestly in 30 days (or 30 posts) then complete a dare (pre-chosen by the authors of the challenge) and post those results. will send you a link tomorrow – I’m fried right now – exceeded my limits today and going to bed soon. Hugs!! D.

  2. I’m a bit late to the party on this one, but would like to throw my 2 cents into the ring. I enjoyed your Young at Heart post, along with Oscar’s reply. Small world that your ages are so close, and Oscar had such a great response.

    Being a bit “Older” than the two of you, my experience is that 50 is a wonderful time of awakening, at least for me. it was a milestone where I seriously began to drop the unnecessary weights of life by the wayside. Doing what I “should” dropped in favor of what I needed. What other people may have thought became almost a point of humor. I am what I am, and if thats a problem, look in the mirror for why. Ego? Dropped like a ton of bricks. Relationships? the 10 % that might be difficult ignored for the 90% that is wonderful. I used to have it backwards. Internally fighting over each slight was like being determined to win every battle, and not realizing that I might lose the war. (I used the war metaphor so much in business negotiations that I have difficultly in dropping it). In other words, ignore the small stuff, and in the end, most everything is small stuff.

    You both are my two favorite bloggers and I enjoy reading your posts. I still learn something every day, and for that, I am grateful.



    • That, my friend, sums things up most excellently! I wish I had your way with words! Awesome, thank you! And I learn something from you two daily as well (as evidenced today) Thanks again to you both! Hugs!

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