These were taken this morning with my iPhone. Love seeing this out my front door! Having some trouble syncing the actual picture taking with the focusing.


The camera focuses fine, but when I go to “snap” the picture it’s always out of focus…. These all came out OK but some of the other ones were doozies!


I think I like the one below the best. Is anyone else having similar issues with their iPhone camera? and if so what are you doing about it?



7 thoughts on “Magnolias

  1. Hi All – Sadly a hard freeze/cold snap a couple days ago withered these lovely blossoms and the tree looks like garbage right now….. so glad I thought to go take these pictures when I did.

  2. These pictures are lovely!

    I’m afraid I’m not as familiar with iPhones, but for Android phones there are several apps that can be purchased that work with the camera for things like this. They offer more settings, including an option for automatically compensating for any small movements that might be made while holding the camera and snapping a picture. You might consider looking into your app store and seeing if something like that is available through the iPhone app store?

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