The Request Lines are Now Open

Good afternoon All!

For some reason I’m having writers block today, so in the interest of opening the floodgates I am writing to request requests.  Wait, what?

No really – What would you like me to post about?  Taking requests via comments – Please and Thank You!  And in the meantime, to get you in the mood for Spring here’s a lovely photo I took last year… Love and Hugs!  Donna


12 thoughts on “The Request Lines are Now Open

  1. Is that a hydrangea? I love those!

    I’d like to see you post about the flowers in New England in the spring. Having lived in the mid-Atlantic for my entire life, I don’t know if the same flowers bloom where you are as where I am 🙂

  2. If you are still searching for ideas you could always do a post on the greatest aspects of living in New England or why we should visit.


  3. I’m a first time visitor so I have no frame of reference but how about trying to write a poem or write a letter to a friend that you haven’t talked with in a long while and post it here as well as send it via postal mail. A top ten list, a favorite recipe or what you have learned about blogging thus far. Just a few ideas.

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