Two Awards

Just wanted to take a minute and belatedly say “Thank you!” to Muhammad from creativeboys for nominating me for /giving me  several awards recently including The Versatile Blogger Award and Kreativ Blogger Award.  There’s such an incredible amount of talent and creativity out here and its wonderful to get recognized by my peers  -particularly because I am so new to this!

That said, I would like to continue paying it forward by nominating 3 of my fellow bloggers for these awards and they are as follows:

Claire Atkinson for the Kreativ Blogger Award – Her realistic approach to urban photography makes me want to jump on a plane to the UK – right now.

I Am Not Defined for the Versatile Blogger Award – her story, and her sensitive, caring approach towards others make this one a winner in my book.

Aisling Jennings Photography for the Kreative Blogger Award – Aisling uses light and the stunning land and seascapes of the Emerald Isle beautifully.


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