The Walking Dead: Season 2 Sadness

The Walking Dead, Season 2

Hard to believe that it’s over for another season. Just as its finally starting to gain some momentum (drama/action-wise) 9pm tonight we find out what’s gonna happen down on the farm. Will Rick have a meltdown? Will Daryl step in to fill Shane’s shoes as resident psychopath? Will Laurie start paying more attention to what Carl is doing, and keep him out of trouble? Will Glen stay on the farm? Is Daryl’s bro lurking in the woods somewhere? Inquiring minds want to know. Some of these questions may be answered tonight. But I have the feeling we’ll have to wait for next fall to get the majority of our questions answered. That’s the way they mess with us in Hollywood these days.

This season was a bit of a disappointment up until very recently. I get that the series can’t be action and gore all the time – but the earlier episodes seemed to bog down a bit with too much soap opera and not enough story.

We could have done without at least two of the farm episodes. The moral dilemma of the last 3 episodes did make for good TV, even if I felt like I was watching “Twelve Angry Men” at several points. So how DOES one justify killing a live human when there’s so few left? I’m also wondering if the new development in zombie “creation” could be the subject whispered to Rick by the CDC scientist at the end of season 1??? But, the series works best, in my opinion, when the characters are on the move.

And move they shall this evening – as the zombie hordes descend on what seemed to Rick and Co. perhaps the last bastion of comfort and civilization. Get ready to rock and roll- it’s gonna be a helluva night. And please, AMC – get it right in season 3! Love, A Loyal TWD Fan.

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