Boston Adventure, Part Deux

When last I left you dear friends and readers, Jill and I were headed to the bookshop to see about standby tix. Let me say this emphatically- people who follow The Pioneer Woman are the nicest people in the world. A sweet generous woman overheard me talking to the sales assistant, came up to me and just GAVE me a ticket to the presentation. So while the Pioneer Woman was wrestling with her static clingy blouse issue, (she’s so funny!) we were getting in the standby line and making new friends. We got in with no further problems and settled into our seats. Ree Drummond is a sweetheart, and a fun, funny public speaker. We laughed, we cried, we baked cookies …(well, we laughed anyway) Then we headed back to the bookstore for the signing. There was quite a long line as you could probably well imagine. But I made some new friends, and Jill was in 7th heaven checking out the rest of the bookstore while I waited in line.  Here are some of  my new friends: