Pepe le Pew

It’s that time of year again. Came a bit early due to the mild winter but inevitable nonetheless. The local skunks have come out of hibernation. Ahhh the telltale scent wafting on the night air: Putrid -with top notes of sulfur/rotten egg, and undertones of burnt rubber, acid vomit,and musk. “Le pant, Le heave, Le gasp!” Spring in New England is now officially here. (and OMG I heard peepers at sunset last night too!!)

Images via Photobucket

Sophie found out the hard way about the season change at 4:30 this morning. Pepe was on the other side of the fence, minding his own business… “Casey did waltz with zee blonde strawberree and zee band on played..”. When suddenly his nocturnal ramble was disturbed by Doofus “I will love him and squeeze him and call him George.” McSniff. Clearly Pepe/George was not on the same page with those plans. He was probably searching for either a snack, or “la belle femme skunk of zee female spee-shees.” Sophie, while adorable, is still not the brightest bulb in the chandelier- la belle femme chien, mas oui! Le skunk de pew- non! . Note to dog: skunks are NOT ferrets. So – No canine/weasel bonding. Bad idea, Soph, very bad! Aaand some spraying ensued. . . (like we didn’t see that one coming)
Thank goodness for the fence, Soph caught only a glancing blow, as it were. She still stinks to high heaven, and even I – with my chronic sinus problems- am catching much more of a whiff than I care to. It smells SOOO much worse outside though, I hesitate to open the door. I should try and dig up the gas mask we had as a Halloween prop; but I have no idea where it might be. Gotta go out soon for some Febreze– it really works to get rid of strong odors. Or, I get to go to the booksigning/presentation in Boston today smelling faintly skunky. “Once more unto the breach, dear friends…”. “Le pant, Le heave, Le gasp!”


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