Tired and “Wine-y”

I knew it was Monday before I even shut off the alarm this morning – because I was already dreading getting out of bed. I’ve got Thursday and Friday off this week and of course 5 days worth of work to cram into 3. Plus meetings, re-contracting with the state, and more meetings. Came home tonight to a sink half full of dirty dishes and a multitude of other chores that have yet to be completed. Hmmm – I will have to inquire as to why that is, because I distinctly remember asking my spring breaker to get some of them done before I got home. I still have to figure out what to cook for dinner and get it started. Then I have to go get the girls at the Club. Scratch that – they just called and said they’re walking home because it is so nice out. 🙂 But yeah – I’m tired -exhausted, fatigued, depleted, spent, enervated, knackered, zonked, done in, worn out, and weary….. on a Monday. Its 75 degrees outside, and I all REALLY wanna do is sit on my deck with a nice glass – or two – of wine and watch my dogs play in the back yard. No demands, no last minute trips to Walmart or the drugstore. No “Mooommm!” I just want to BE, not to DO. To relax, and not have somebody need me for at least an hour. My husband just came in. took one look at my face and turned around and walked back out again. He knows, and I can hear him uncorking that wine bottle for me as I finish this up. Sometimes being married for 27 years has its perks – he can read me like a book.


So I need to find my thankful place in all this. I have a house – because the household chores need to be done. I have two lovely girls that do need me – even when I don’t want to be needed, I have a deck to sit on and enjoy the sunshine -which we now have an hour more of per day; and all my senses to enjoy the spectacle of the early evening and twilight. I have food in the freezer to cook so my family does not go hungry. And that bottle of wine – its been chilled in the fridge. I think I will go get that glass my husband so generously poured for me – and repair to the back forty to decompress. I’ve whined enough for one day. Slainte!



2 thoughts on “Tired and “Wine-y”

  1. The deck and the wine sound nice. I still have to figure out somewhere to take my wife for our anniversary while we are in rural China.


    • It was lovely! The kids walked home, and I was able to enjoy the evening while my husband grilled a steak and the girls peeled the potatoes! Happy Anniversary!

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