Springtime, Ridin Goofy

It’s a lovely early evening here in western MA. The calendar says winter but it sure feels like early spring. My youngest has been outdoors with her friends since lunchtime and it’s now about 6pm. They broke out the bikes, skateboards, and rip-sticks today. I’ve been treated to a summer soundtrack outside today with the sounds of wheels on pavement and happy laughter as spring fever hits. The kids are grateful for the outdoor activity. It reached well past 60 degrees here today. My Jill rides a rip-stick. For those of you who don’t know what that is think skateboard but with a shiftable platform for each foot, connected together by a metal tube. Riders shift their weight similarly to a hula hoop to move and maintain momentum. Each platform has its own wheel. Miss Jill, she rides goofy. That means she rides with her left leg behind when moving forward. Thought I’d share some photos I quickly snapped this afternoon. Spring is here, even if the calendar doesn’t agree.