Luck o’ the Irish

Its close to St. Patricks Day – 6 days. We (the husband and me, that is) went to a Jack and Jill last night at The Sons of Erin. Our friends Dave and Kim threw the party for their daughter Nicole and her fiance Eric, who are getting married May 27th.

Eric and Nicole

This was my first time at one of these types of soirees. I’m totally dating myself but I come from the era where these parties are separate. You know- shower for the bride, stag for the groom. I guess that’s still done – but people throw these other things now too. Weddings are EXPENSIVE – if I am to judge by the enormous amount of food, and the raffle prizes for this shindig. Note to self: When the girls get engaged buy them a stepladder, a suitcase, and round trip tickets to Vegas – It’ll be MUCH cheaper! In any case, it was a fun night out for us adults. And the club had free wi-fi so I could feed my internet addiction as needed.

Adults Night Out!

Its possible he is having fun!

My Husband, the Complete Goof-ball -_-

Tickets were 20 bucks a pop and got us automatically entered for the door prizes. We decided to buy two more, and put in for the 46 inch HD flat screen TV, 4 Ski Passes, the Kindle Touch, and a large Stand up Cooler full of the makings for a serious number of Jaeger Bombs. We also bought a couple armfuls of tix for the Potpourri Raffles (you put tickets in a bag in front of the prizes you hope to win).

Potpourri Raffle Prizes

All set, let the festivities begin!

I got a Jack and Diet at the Bar – but switched to Disarronno on the Rocks after 2 Jacks. Don’t worry – I brought my designated driver – hehehe.

Newest favorite drink - yummy

And the socializing/schmoozing, dancing and boozing ensued for all. Dinner got served early -which was a good thing. Great food in buffet style service.

Awesome Feast

The DJ was pretty good too, and played a mix of classic rock for us older folks and the newer house/hip hop/reggaeton/alternative for the younger, cooler crowd. We only knew maybe 7 or 8 people to start, but quickly made new friends. Good food and booze will do that for ya! We even had some karaoke singers perform to “Don’t Stop Believin” and “Don’t Hurt Me” (I bet people’s necks are sore today – thanks SNL)

Hold on to that Feeeelinn

Don't Stop Believin

Have I mentioned our automotive troubles? Of course I did. Dave was commiserating with us, and said our luck was bound to change soon because we got all the bad luck at once. I told him I sincerely hoped so. The potpourri raffle drawings started at 9pm. We spent 30 bucks and didn’t win a dang thing. ( I was hoping for the over the top wine basket, with a beautiful corkscrew, and glass charms and like 5 bottles of really decent vintages) Alas, that was not to be. “Oma” (Kim’s mom) won like at least 5 of the baskets, including the one I’d wanted. Oh well. Around 10:30 they drew the numbers for the door prizes, and guess what????? We won the 4 Ski Passes to the Blandford Ski Area, AND the Kindle Touch!!!

Losers and Winners

Brent can use the passes with Jillie, and the Kindle is ALL MINE (Muahahahah!) Dave came over with a big smile on his face – “See I told you your luck was about to change!” And so it would appear. I’m cautiously optimistic – because I don’t wanna jinx it.




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