Full Moon Fever: A Short Story (adapted from an earlier post)

Tonight is the Full Moon. Lycanthropes the world over rejoice. And so don’t I. The night has always fascinated me, and I find the moon hypnotic. Particularly when she – and there’s no denying the moon is a she – is at the full. I could watch for hours. She rises this night pale and almost transparent at sunset, in a sky both resplendent and faded in shades of pink, lavender, jade green, and robins-egg blue. As the sky darkens to a deeper blue the Goddess that rules the Night becomes more luminous and solid. She’ll cast her powerful glow across half the sky at the crest of her journey through the deep heavens. I’ve always loved the particular shade of midnight blue the sky turns as one looks close towards her – the Goddess of many names and faces – Selene, Arianrod, Arduinna, Rhiannon, Diana, Luna.

She whispers of dreams and magic, secrets and possibilities – and yearning. For things unspoken and unthought in the harsh light of day.  Anything can happen in the moonlight. You can dance. And you can run, unbound and unfettered. It ‘s  the Celt in me, because the Fey world seems close. The everyday pulls away and you can feel the night breathe if you pay attention. The feeling is curiously freeing.  As I walk through the woods I know I want to be free again tonight.  The magic calls, and I intend to answer.

But all magic has a price. In blood,  in tears – and as I disrobe and speak the charm I prepare myself to make the payment. “ Bandia Máthair an Oíche. Glacadh leis an íobairt fola. Deontas an Mac Tíre. The Goddess is a bitch – payment is expected immediately and in full. I scream as my body realigns itself. Dropping to all fours, writhing as joints pop, internal organs transform, and muscles stretch over elongated bones. I become feverish and sweaty as my body temperature rises and the new pelt covers me. All my senses – sight, hearing, smell, touch  – are now exponentially sharper. I can only see in shades of black and white, but the tiny part of me remaining human does not care. Suddenly I taste copper as my newly formed teeth shred the inside of my still partially human mouth. The taste fires all my instincts. I’m dangerous now.

Payment accepted, the magic completes my transformation. I rise to my feet panting; mouth still dripping my blood.  I tip my head up towards the beautiful cold orb now sailing through the night sky, and I howl. It quickly becomes a guttural roar. The forest grows utterly silent in acknowledgement of my Becoming. That Goddess of the Night – she’s me. Splendid and Terrible – a Real Bitch. The night breeze brings the scent of prey. Growling, I begin the Hunt.

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10 thoughts on “Full Moon Fever: A Short Story (adapted from an earlier post)

    • Actually its the earlier post, but I really enjoyed writing this – my first foray into creative writing since my college days (or daze lol) thank you!

          • I have a list of blogs I like at the bottom of my page and wanted to spread the wealth with some of my older readers. If I go like it (if I like it), maybe somebody will click on it. Devious? Perhaps.

            Shhh..you didn’t hear this from me.

          • LOL thanks! ” its all on the QT very Hush hush” (omg an LA Confidential moment!) the original post is dated March 7th. jsyk Love and Hugs! D.

          • I think it shows up now. It is a new layout (as I”m sure you’ve noticed) and I”m still working out the kinks. e-gads. I should have “cleaned house” better before going on a rant.

          • I clicked on the link but it says I do not have the privileges to view anything… oh computer websites how you annoy me….. LOL

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