Connections and Inspiration

I’m pretty new to the blogging thing – in case that wasn’t immediately obvious – having just started this in late January.  Whats most awesomely “ace” (borrowed from my Aussie Friend Miss Kate – thank you) is the amazing connections, inspiration and friendships available within the blogosphere to its denizens.  Those of us strange folk who are compelled to write about whatever strikes an inner chord with us. Whether that be short stories, journals, photographs, or anecdotes about our day to day life.  Some of us – like me – are all over the place. I’m sure I’ll eventually find a niche – my own little comfy chair by the fireside in my library – where  I’m most comfortable – and not venture far off that path. But “that day is not this day” (borrowed this from Aragorn  – thanks dude!)

So, is blogging really a compulsion?   I’m not sure, but if I have to make an educated guess I’d say yes.  Writers write because they have to. Blogging gives those of us who may not have a ‘voice’ otherwise (outside of our immediate families and friends that is) the opportunity to be heard, valued, disagreed with -perhaps; inspired and connected.  I’m feeling that love today – and grateful for it.  In that vein  I decided – because Hey its My Blog and I can do whatever the Heck I want – to create a New Blogging Award and give it to 3 or more other bloggers with whom I truly feel that connection.  I will be posting other nominees periodically – so don’t feel left out.  Here are my rules to accept this award:

1. Thank the person who nominated you, and write a short post about blogging/connections/inspiration (one, two or all three)

2. Nominate at least 3 other bloggers you feel connected to and inspired by. People who have influenced you , your writing, or maybe even just something you read by them that resonated with you. Or, somebody who gave you a different viewpoint that made you stop and think. (that proverbial kick in the pants you may or may not need – but that gives you pause)

3. Copy and Paste the relevant portions of this post into your own nominations blog- and post.

4. Let those you nominated know.

5.  Sit back and feel the love.

Here are my nominations for my Inspiration Award, and a brief note why:

Miss Kate from 40 is the new 30 – she’s lovely, witty, talented and has a great outlook on things.  Felt an instant connection with her, my new friend.  Kate, do you have Skype? If so we should do that soon – provided we can sync our schedules!

Miss Motley from Motley Mayhem – shes an uber-talented writer – funny, snarky, and she makes me think – LOVE HER!  We should skype sometime.

Miss Kelly from Daily Mom Prayers –  not only have we become dear friends, she always makes me stop and think. She has a great way of relating everyday happenings to being grateful for the larger picture.  Love you dearly Kel!

Miss D.  from  She was one of my first followers, and she’s very very VERY  creative and talented. Thanks for the support my friend!

Michael from Have a Dream –  He’s truly the most positive person I have encountered to date in the blogosphere. Such an inspiring person!  Thank you for being you, Michael!

Miss Deanna from The Things Women Say –  one of my earliest followers, so supportive, so NICE!  Love to Miss D.  from the other Miss D.

Sean from Along the Tao  – sometimes something gets put in your path that resonates.  Sean’s wonderful blog did that for me – and continues to do so whenever I check in with it. Thank you Sean!

and last but certainly not least:

Ree from The Pioneer Woman   I don’t know her personally, but she is probably the reason I felt I could start blogging in the first place. The initial inspiration for my thinking “hey – maybe I can do this too”. Thanks PW – you rock!


7 thoughts on “Connections and Inspiration

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  2. Thank you Donna! I am honored and I am inspired by your Inspiration Award. I think that is a great concept and I will be sure to pass it on. The world can definitely use some displays of appreciation.

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