I Begin to Suspect this is More Than Just Coincidence.

The following takes place between 7am and 8am…

Another chapter in the continuing automotive story that is fast turning into a Norse-style Saga.  I think someone  really is trying to tell me something.  I left for work this morning with the Malibu rental.  Waiting in the slow stop and go traffic on the north side of town before getting on the Pike.  There was a long line of cars in front of me and behind me.  A mid size green late model something was right behind me.  I glanced up into the rear view mirror just in time to see, hear and feel a small silver car T-Bone the green one when Silver Woman  tried to enter traffic from the side street next to DD.  The collision made one God-Awful “Boom”. Shrapnel went everywhere, raining down on my car as well – which was about 3 or 4 feet in front of the green car when it got hit.  The whole front end of the silver car seemed to explode. I looked around to see the car sideways in the roadway – and wondered where the green car had gone.  I looked out my window and there it was – almost parallel with me in the left lane next to me ( The north side is a 4 lane – two each way. The entire front quarter panel on the passenger side was crunched.  I asked Green Girl if she was OK and she shook her head yes, but she was obviously quite shaken up. I said I was moving up out of traffic and would call the police.

I then pulled into the convenience store parking lot just up the street and called the police. The dispatcher asked if I witnessed the event, and when I said yes told me to go down to the scene and wait for the police there.  As I was walking down the sidewalk my co-worker drove by and was shocked to see me – rolled down her window and asked “What happened now?” I briefly explained and she continued on her way – after saying she’d let the office know I would be late.

Green Girl seemed very shaken up as I said, and then she mentions she’s 3 months pregnant…… I advised her to either go to the hospital via ambulance, or get to her OB right away. I told her I had seen the accident in my rear view.  Objects in the mirror really are closer than they appear – in case anyone was wondering if that was true…. Then I walked down to check on Silver Woman, she seemed OK, said she was OK, anyway – but seemed very very annoyed. (I guess I might be too, if I were her – but not at anyone but myself)  Then the police showed up.  Took my statement and my phone number and I continued on my way to work, arriving (thankfully) uneventfully.

Scene of the Accident

I didn’t think it was appropriate to snap any photos with my iPhone at the scene but I took one, surreptitiously – on my way back to the car.  Green Girls boyfriend is standing next to her car, Silver Woman’s car is right behind him, and the bright lights are the police cruiser.  I am hoping that this signals that the streak of automotive bad luck has now passed me by….. Either that or somebody up there is trying to tell me not to drive….  Whichever it is – please note that I have had enough. This can stop, anytime now. Really….


12 thoughts on “I Begin to Suspect this is More Than Just Coincidence.

  1. I think I’d stay home and watch “Christine” this weekend 😉 Just kidding — I’m glad everyone seems to be okay, and that at least you weren’t directly involved in the collision!

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