Possessed…. Or Is Someone Up There Trying to Tell Me Something??

Another chapter in the continuing automotive saga begins now….. So, I picked up a rental car this morning. Its gonna be at least a week before we get the Saturn back – provided they can even find an engine for it.  Got a cute little 06 Chevy Malibu, gold. As I was getting on the Pike to go to work the idiot light for low fuel comes on. No biggie, I think to myself; and I fill the tank ($52.03) when I get off the Pike at my usual exit. When I get back in the car and turn the engine on, the idiot light is still on and the gas gauge hasn’t moved off E. Hmmmm.. . . . Well since I’m right down the street from work I just drove there and promptly called the rental company. My agent assured me it was safe to drive and I agreed it would be best to bring it back at the end of the day and swap for another car. So far, so good. My boss told me I could leave a little early too, which was nice – considering I had to come in late this morning in order to get the dang car in the first place.
So I start the car and immediately the “check engine” light come on-and stays on. Then the gas gauge swings up to full- only to plummet again a few minutes later. This madness continued all the way back to the rental shop. A 15 mile journey.

Swinging wildly back and forth every few minutes – like it was possessed. Given recent automotive events I begin to question whether or not I should even be sitting in a car, never mind driving one. If someone’s trying to tell me something-please just come out and say it already. Cuz this is wearing thin, very thin indeed.
Got to the rental shop and they swapped me for an 08 Malibu-silver this time. And they credited my account for the gas.  Keep your fingers crossed for me peeps! I’ll keep ya posted…


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