“Sunshine” Award


On this wonderful, beautiful evening I would like to Thank Michael of  Have a Dream for nominating and bestowing me with this, my very first Blogging Award ever. And from a peer – which makes it that much more special.

Thank the person who gave you the award.
Write a post about it.
Answer the questions that come with it.
Pass lt along to ten people and let them know they’ve received it.

Favorite color –Teal Blue
Favorite number – Twenty Nine.
Favorite non-alcoholic drink –  Cold: Homemade Lemonade Iced Tea (also known as “half and half”or an “Arnold Palmer”)  Hot: Dunkaccino/Starbucks White Chocolate Mocha Venti
Facebook or Twitter – Both.
My Passion – right now- writing, family, and friends (old and new)
Getting or giving presents – Giving.
Favorite pattern – Nothing in particular.
Favorite day of the week – Friday evening
Favorite flower – Roses, and Lilies of the Valley

My Nominees:

Kelly of  Daily Mom Prayers

Kate of  40 is the New 30

Miss Motley of Motley Mayhem

Oscar of  HermitsDoor

The Things Women Say

Susan of SKEdazzles

MamaMoo  of Baby Book for Me

Sarah of Sarah on the go

Emma Sarah of Miss Aphis Mellifera

Diane of  Life as I see it

These remarkable people have encouraged, provoked, supported, prodded, and uplifted me -each and every day. I would probably not be writing if not for their unflagging support. They bring sunshine into MY life, certainly.  If you have not already done so – check their blogs.  I will tell you that they probably write way better than I do.  All are vivid, vital, and passionate individuals with important things to say.

11 thoughts on ““Sunshine” Award

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  2. I had a time at lunch to investigate your blog about the Sunshine Award (congradulations). Are people over 50 supposed to understand how these things work? 🙂 I shall have to comtemplate my response later. Thanks. Oscar

    • If you accept your nomination then you have to pass it on/nominate to other people you feel deserve the award – I sincerely hope thats what we’re supposed to do, because that’s what I done did, and I could be figuratively sitting here with proverbial egg on my face.. (wouldn’t be the first time 😉 ) anyway, I felt it was a nice way to say thank you for supporting my writing! Best, D.

  3. Congratulations Donna. You have a wonderful day – this day is even more special because the world celebrates; “International Women’s Day” today. !!!

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