Things to be Grateful for Today

2006-2007 Saturn Vue V6 AWD photographed in US...

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As folks may or may not have noticed on my facebook page, we are once again experiencing vehicle drama.  Major problems in fact – that will run into  thousands of dollars we don’t have – to fix. That said, I’m trying to find the positive side of these issues. Don’t mind telling you that’s a struggle right now.  I’ve heard it said that God won’t give you more than you can handle. Obviously he seems to trust me a great deal these days – and part of me sincerely wishes that was not the case. It seems like the hits just keep coming and we just get to the point above water where we can grab some air and then something happens and we go back underwater again…. And I’m getting very very very tired. *sigh

So here goes, in no particular order with what may turn out to be a very short short list:

1.  Nobody got hurt when our 06 Saturn Vue‘s engine died on the side of Interstate 91 up near Greenfield MA.

2.  My daughter had her AAA card

3. My daughter had a working cell phone, and a signal -which is saying something out there in the boonies of Greenfield.

4. My daughter has friends who got her to where she was going, and other friends who brought her back home

5. Our mechanic lent us one of the cars on his lot so that I am able to get back and forth to work -since our other vehicle has been in the repair shop for a month now waiting for a new engine. (Different issue, same result)

6. We had the foresight to put our daughter on the AAA plan.

7. We’re all still alive and reasonably healthy, although I may slowly be going insane…..

8. Both my husband and I are employed.

9.  The family will be spending more time at home together

10. My husbands been using the opportunity to bike back and forth to work and has lost some weight.

I could choose to feel sorry for myself, and get really depressed – but that would serve no purpose other than to prevent me from functioning. And I need to be able to function.  So I am choosing not to feel sorry, get angry, or get depressed.  The situation is what it is.  We are taking the steps we need to to get things fixed, which is all we can do right now anyway. The rest is out of our control, and I’m letting it go.

I can’t think of anything else right now.  Any thoughts or ideas?  Feel free to comment, and thank you!


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