And now, for Something Completely Different

Short post this evening my Friends. Long, busy day today. I had the opportunity to get some OT at work, and got my daughter and her friend some hours as well. Got back home close to 4 pm. Tonight we also got invited to go out with some friends to hear The Knightsmen Band for the donation price of some cookies and some kibble for Positive Options Pet Adoption. Everybody brought a dish or a dessert so we had a super pot luck supper and great music/dancing. I even got to sing the chorus of ‘Margaritaville’ with the band! Not to mention being able to visit and catch up with our friends. So Thanks Lucine, Tim, Brenda, Cindy, Ralph, and Sandy and her Husband (Lord help me I can’t think of his name right now). And a special Thank you to Lucine for baking “my” cookies! This evening was just what we needed. So I’m ready for sleep, and listening to the girls sing along with ‘The Lion King’ on TV in the living room- I guess no ones ever too old for Disney. Long day, & a lovely evening with friends and family. Goodnight all!


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