It Makes You Think

Insomnia. Got a lot on my mind this evening and hopefully I’m halfway through a bout with a 24 hr stomach bug. Sadness. Sad, because some high school classmates of mine lost their 18 year old daughter in a car accident the other night, right here in town. Her folks were two years ahead of me in school up in the hill towns where we grew up -and they still live. I didn’t know them really well-but to a certain extent everybody knows everybody when the entire student body numbers less than 500. News like this unnerves me badly – it’s messing with my childhood. Bad stuffs not supposed to happen to people you know in the places you grew up. Naive? Probably. But it makes me very sad, and want to call my old friends, now, just to hear their voices.

And what can anybody do or say? It all comes out tritely cliched-or seems to. My oldest girl is only a year older, & I can’t help imagining how I would (NOT) be coping with her loss. Horribly morbid, I know. But I dare anyone who knows someone that’s lost a child to tell me they haven’t thought the same thing. I don’t know how I would be able to even breathe, never mind function.

I moved down into the valley during my college years, but tonight I feel connected to my roots in the Berkshires. There’s nothing I can really do to ease my classmates’ pain; but I will be there to support them this coming week, and in the future. That’s what’s done in the small towns of Western MA. We try and take care of our own.

Nobody knows when their time is up, but it is terribly wrong in every sense for a parent to have to bury their child. I cannot think of a greater loss. I would like to remind myself to be grateful for all I have- because it could be gone in a minute. And I would like to offer a prayer for the Family and Friends that will be missing this bright young woman every day.
Dear Lord, Please comfort Ann, Skip, Doug, and the rest of Emily’s family and friends at this time. Please bring them and the rest of us closer, to support each other, give them strength to move forward. Please help them find solace in the fact that Emily is now safely in your loving hands-and that all who love her will surely see her again in your presence. Thank you Lord. Amen.


PS  I just found a unique blog site dedicated to remembering a loved one.    Thought I would add this.


4 thoughts on “It Makes You Think

  1. It made me so sad to read this. When it hits so close to home like it being one of your own friends, it stood you dead in your tracks. I am so sorry for the loss of your friends daughter. It’s a tragedy.

    • It really does stop you dead in your tracks, and make you reflect – a lot. Thank you for your supportive words, Deanna Means a great deal. – more so that you don’t even know them yet feel affected. (the miracle of the internet I guess) Thank you again ❤

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