Hands Off! He’s Mine.

I started thinking about my tween years again. Fun times, first crushes. Of course, my first major crush wasn’t someone I actually knew, but I loved him anyway. To the point of obsession. His face was on my TV every Friday, and all over the walls of my room. (Thank you Sixteen Magazine & Tiger Beat!) His voice was on my stereo, I had every record he made. That brown shaggy hair, pukka shell necklace and heart melting, endearingly chip-toothed smile. That slight “imperfection” made him seem just that much more adorable. And I worshipped him unashamedly. My David. David Cassidy.

So many notebook pages with hearts and initials DH & DC 4-ever. I can’t say I was the only one who was crushing. We all were, and David wasn’t the only focus for most of us. Donny Osmond and the Osmond Brothers, Bobby Sherman and David Soul from “Here Come the Brides”. Davy Jones and Mickey Dolenz from ‘The Monkees’. (By that point The Beatles were too old for us and way out of our league). But they were all worthy of our unrequited tween passion. For me though, there was just David. My sister and I, and our friends Lynnie and Wendy would pretend to be The Partridge Family – and we’d play plastic guitars and pretend to play our piano while we lip synced our hearts out to ‘Summer Days’, ‘Point Me (in the direction of Albuquerque)’, and ‘I Think I Love You’. Sometimes, we’d pretend to be The Osmonds (with our own dance moves) and sing ‘Yo-yo’ or ‘One Bad Apple’. If we were gonna do The Partridges then me and Lynnie alternated as Keith. ( we were the oldest and always called dibs on being Keith) Stephen King wrote in his novella ‘The Body’ and I quote: “I never had any friends later on like the friends I had when I was twelve. Jesus -does anybody?”. He was right on the money. There was nobody like them, and nobody like David Cassidy.

We’d spend countless summer hours just imagining what we’d do if he or any of our crushes showed up and wanted to take us out on a date. I blame Davy Jones for this one, cuz he took Marcia Brady to the Prom. And if he could do that, then it was certainly possible to an 10, 11, or 12 year old that the objects of OUR affections could magically show up and whisk us away. Of course 10, 11, and 12 year olds back then wouldn’t have had the faintest idea of what to expect on a date with an older guy – and I at least was no exception to that. If he HAD showed up I’d’ve fainted I’m sure. It was all innocent imagining. But what fun!
To this day though there’s a special place in my heart reserved for David Cassidy. That place where I can still hear the music, and the laughter of my friends as we whiled away our summer days. I miss that girl I was in the early ’70’s. I miss the friends I spent those happy hours with. So David, if you ever read this, CALL ME! And, hands off girls! He’s mine!

PS: Who were your bubblegum/tween crushes?

Photo Credits:  www.davidcassidyfansite.com


5 thoughts on “Hands Off! He’s Mine.

  1. Gosh, brought me right back to sitting on the floor in your den on a chilly saturday morning listening to the stereo..going over our albums.OMG getting the new Tiger Beat with the newest poster…ahhhhh. My wall had David (hey, hands off, yourself!! lol) but my crush was on Parker Stevenson…*sigh*
    Ahh, yes…things didnt seem so easy then…but they sure do now. I sometimes miss those days too.

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