Glad I Changed my Mind: Story of an Epic Date Night

I blogged recently about going to spend some much needed quality time with my hubby. I promised I’d write about my date night, so here goes. We could not have had a nicer time, and I needed neither Tylenol or earplugs. He picked me up at work Thursday the 16th – we headed straight for CT and the casino. It started snowing just before we left and turned into a cold rain before we hit the state line. Normally it’s a two hour drive to Mohegan but we hit major traffic just outside of Hartford

20120217-203146.jpgso it took us almost 3 hours to get there. But that was OK. Mohegan Sun is one flippin big place. And you could pretty much live your life there. There’s shops, restaurants, bars, the concert arena and the smaller musical venue The Wolf Den, the spa and hotel and of course the casinos. they have casinos dedicated to the Elements. I found myself fascinated as usual by the ceilings and the lighting.


20120217-204116.jpg We got there about 6pm and strolled around for a bit to get our bearings. The place really is huge. The main entrance is in the wind casino and you can see the famous waterfall there. Unfortunately all the pictures I took of it were blurry, so I won’t be posting any. We decided to check the restaurants on the second level after a nice couple offered to take a picture of us in honor of our first visit there. That’s the waterfall directly behind us.


They also recommended Bobby Flay‘s Bar Americain for dinner. Seating was fast, and courteous. The waiters were quickly attentive.

20120217-204808.jpg  sorry that some of these shots are a bit blown out, guys.

20120217-204827.jpgthe restaurant was elegant, the food and service-spectacular. I decided to try some new things and ordered a Bronx Cocktail, along with some wicked awesome shrimp and cheesy grits with bacon as the appetizer. I could survive on this dish the rest of my life and be happy. Hubby liked it too. We ordered filet (me)and roast lamb chops (him) with potatoes and goat cheese. Seriously the tenderest steak I’ve ever had. My “date” loved the lamb. I’ve never had goat cheese before, but it gave the smashed taters an interesting flavor. Too bad I couldn’t clean my plate or take a doggie bag. By this time it was about 7 and an hour to show time. My wonderful love (I call him “the Viking” sometimes) and I decided to walk around some more. I took some more pictures


20120217-212526.jpg Like I said I have a thing about lighting. The tall sculpture, located across from the waterfall is LED lit and changed colors every few seconds. I remembered that my niece works at Sephora and we decided to stop in and see if she was working. So glad we did, because she was-and we haven’t seen her in awhile. She’s the oldest/first of the children that our circle of friends started having when we were in our twenties. She’s an absolutely lovely, vibrant young lady. And quite surprised and happy to see us.

20120217-213629.jpg She quickly mentioned we must be here for the show and then added that we had actually just missed Aaron Lewis and his family by a minute or two. She’d just spent over a half hour chatting with them. Apparently lots of celebrities go there and she’s been able to chat up quite a few of them. We visited for a few more minutes-catching up on what our families were up to and then we headed for the arena.

20120217-214553.jpg. We headed for the nosebleed section, settled into our seats and began acquainting ourselves with our neighbors. Come to find out they literally were neighbors, living one town over from us. Aaron Lewis is a local success story in our neck of the woods. The lead singer of Staind, he’s also responsible for keeping the Worthington Elementary School open when the school district closed it. So lots of folks from Western MA  drove down to see him. We exchanged cameras and took the obligatory shots for each other. And of course the arena, and stage.




20120218-115547.jpg I don’t have any decent pictures or video from the show because Mr Short, Bald, Security Video Nazi had a serious ‘tude- although you could see everyone in the floor seats with phone cameras on……. -_-. That said, I really enjoyed Aaron Lewis’ performance and the music. He has a deep powerful voice very similar to Eddie Vedder’s- which lended itself quite well to the alternative/country sound. He had his friend “Ben” accompanying him on slide guitar etc and he was quite good. You could tell he was having a great time on stage. He did snippets of Taylor Swift’s “Mean”, Pearl Jam’s “Black” , “Jessie’s Girl”, “American Pie”, and the entire cover of “Rooster” from Alice in Chains.

The funniest part was when some idiots yelled to hear “Free Bird.” Now any serious musician will tell you that it’s beyond annoying to hear this just because you’re doing an “unplugged” set. (or anytime, no offense to Skynyrd) But he took it well, wasn’t surprised. He then proceeded to sing a verse of it as if he were Bob Dylan – Very funny!!!! But it shut up the drunks for awhile. Mr Lewis sang some new stuff from his upcoming album, and did older songs too. An additional highlight was when an audience member brought his girlfriend down to the front of the stage and proposed on one knee. The entire arena went “Awweee!” and gave them a big round of applause. He played for almost two hours with one encore. The only issue we began having was the people behind us had obviously been imbibing waayyy too much, and they got obnoxious. This one guy- we were calling him Jesus because he had the hair/beard thing going on- was making frequent trips either to the head or the beer station. One time instead of stepping down the stairs like a normal person he decided to try going over the seats next to me- & face planted directly into the back of seats below me. God protects drunks and fools I guess because the guy didn’t get hurt at all. Go figure. After the show we wandered back towards the car through the Casinos. We were both tired, so we decided not to try our luck. I like how linear the slots look; so I did snap a shot before we left.

20120218-122020.jpgand then we were on our way home in the rain and fog. I was very thankful for the heated seats and dozed off a few times, I’m sure. Both of us took Friday off and slept in, so that was a nice treat too. We’re planning on going back down to Mohegan when we can. There’s so much to do there. I’m glad I changed my mind and went on an epic date night with my favorite guy.


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