Those of you from New England Part 2

I realized this morning that there are quite a few other words and phrases that make living in this area unique- like I said you don’t hear them anywhere else. And I realized I forgot a biggie in my list yesterday. Anyway, here’s some more just for fun.

1. “Bang a U-ey” – make a u-turn while driving your car. “bang” basically means go or take.

2. Statie – Massachusetts State Police Officer. Interesting fact: Hitler visited Massachusetts after he became Chancellor in the Thirties. He was so taken with the uniform of the state police that he asked for and received the pattern. He had the uniforms made for the SS in black. Check it out next time you get pulled over on the Pike. (see below)

3. “The Pike” – The Massachusetts portion of Interstate 90. Abbreviation of The Massachusetts Turnpike. It runs from Boston to the New York line. The worlds largest parking lot on Thanksgiving Weekend.

4. “Breakdown Lane” – The far right lane of the highway (where you actually don’t want to be if your car breaks down, but where you’re supposed to go.)

5. “Hoodsie” – also known as a Dixie Cup in other regions. Small container of vanilla and chocolate ice cream, eaten with a wooden spoon. Made by the Hood dairy company – hence the name.

6. “Down” – location, to go to a specific place. as in “I’m going down the Cape this weekend.” Never EVER say I’m going to Cape Cod, or I’m going out to the Cape this weekend – they’ll peg ya for an out of towner (recognize you as a visitor)- immediately. And, “The Cape” ALWAYS refers to Cape Cod. Cape Ann (Gloucester) is usually just referred to as Glaw-stah). Or, “I gotta run down t’the store and get some milk”.

7 “Can’t get” – another example of the negative positive (like “So don’t I!). For example : “Let’s see if we can’t get that fixed for ya!

8. “Jimmies” – sprinkles you put on top of your Ice Cream cone.

9. “Nuh -Uh!” or “Huh-uh!” – exclamatory meaning incredulous-ness ie Really?! No Way! The proper response is “Yah-huh!”

10. “Book” – move very fast. as in : “I booked it to work because I was late, and I got pulled over by a statie. I had to use the breakdown lane”

11. “Whip” – throw something very hard. as in: “I was wicked pissed and I whipped the ball right at his head.”

12. “Barrel” – Trash can – where you put your garbage before pickup by the city. We also have burning barrels for burnable trash disposal on your own property. You need a permit from the city to do that , though.

13. “Av” – street, road as in Avenue. abbreviation. No one in MA says Avenue.

14. “Elastic” – rubber band.

15. “Dunkin Run” – going out to get coffee at Dunkin Donuts for a group of people.

16. ” Ta” or t’ – – meaning “to” “I had t’ go shopping” or”I had ta go shopping” if spoken very fast the t becomes a d – as in “I hadda go shopping”.

Also, please note that those of us living in Western MA do not drop our “r”s when we talk. That’s strictly an Eastern MA thing. They live on a whole ‘nother planet when it comes to that…..

And the biggie I forgot. The one that my out of state friends and family wonder why we even have the word, because they can get theirs right in any grocery store or convenience store:

“PACKIE “- liquor store, (abbreviation of “package store“) Apparently at some point someone decided that they didn’t want anyone to know what they were buying, so these stores became “package” stores. The staff by MA state law must put the liquor in a sealed bag or box (package it) so there ya go…Used in a sentence: “I gotta make a packie run – bang a u-ey up here and head up Mass Av.” Interestingly – there’s a chain of packies in the Salem area that are called “The Bunghole”…. I don’t ask – I just laugh and shake my head.

A Packie in Salem


6 thoughts on “Those of you from New England Part 2

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  3. Not from New England but glad to get educated so I will be in the know on my future visits. Great list(s). Wonder if we have something similar in FL, I’m sure we do, I’ll just have to think on that one a bit.

    • awesome. I also just noticed that wordpress provides in text links to certain words so you can click and go if you want to see more because I just updated this post and my last one to include the new cool feature! Thank you for stopping by!

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