I Didn’t Want to Go…

My husband recently won tickets to see an Aaron Lewis acoustic set at Mohegan Sun (tomorrow night actually). He’s been bugging and bugging me to go with him.  but I really didn’t want to go.  1. I have no idea who Aaron Lewis is  2.  husband’s taste in music differs from mine considerably 3. The last time I went with him to a concert was a Motley Crue Fest and they totally tanked.  (Godsmack was excellent though- too bad they weren’t headlining) 3. my husband’s taste in music differs from mine considerably. It bears repeating because I could end up spending the evening with a horrid headache and wearing earplugs (like I did at Crue Fest).

I’m a headbanger from way back,  I was punk when it wasn’t cool, slam dancing with the best of them at Hangar One  in Amherst (down the street from ZooMass). I even played pinball with Joey Ramone. (story for another day, my friends) I’ve attended shows for the hardcore music scene  -I just stay away from the mosh pits these days and I won’t two-step or dub step or whatever other steps they’re doing out there, jsyk. My place at these events currently  is in the way, way  back – preferably at or behind the merch table.   Where I won’t get hurt.  I love rock and roll -put another dime in that jukebox baby!  I’ve got incredibly talented young musicians in and out of my house all the time. But and this is a big one – there’s gotta be some spark and talent there; some passion the performer shows he has for his craft, in order for me to have a good time at these events. This was sadly, sorely lacking the last time I went to a concert with my husband (the headliners, anyway).  So, I’ve a bad taste in my mouth about this to start – and again, I’m completely unfamiliar with Mr Lewis’ music.

However, my husband has also been quite vocal lately that we have not been spending enough time together, and the daily grind is wearing us both down. So here are the reasons I’ll be going:  1.  after 27 years of marriage my husband still wants to take me out on a date 2. I need to get away from the aforementioned daily grind, change things up a little. Spring is coming, yanno?  3. Its a freebie (except for the gas to get there – and NO I will not be gambling – thank you very much) 4.  Its an acoustic set.  5. He’s right that we haven’t had much quality time together lately.  Soo, I requested and got Friday off work as it’ll be a late night return (its like 2 1/2 hrs to Mohegan from the house). I need to use up my vay-kay time too.  My mom’s picking up the girls  so we’re leaving straight from work for dinner and the concert.  I’ll be posting how it goes – with pictures.  I’m taking my earplugs and some Tylenol though – just in case…..

Rock On


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