Heard at my House Last Night….

The following takes place between 12:00 am and 1:00 am…

24:15 – Awake to a godawful crash/thud right above head.

24:15:02 – Then, the dulcet tones of oldest child wafting through the air vent – “q[weruefggrfwq?? asdfghjkllkj;’;?!?!!   WTF!!!

24:16-24:18 – Stomp . . . Stomp. Thud. . . Clang. . . Crash….

24:18 – mumble…. Grumble.. grumble…

24:18:30 – Quiet again Reigns Supreme.

Ninja Ferret Stealth Night Ops…. Low Altitude Low Opening (LALO) – Mission Failure…

Roger. Copy that. Over and Out.


Photo by: Jocelyn Erickson


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