Comfort Food

It hasn’t been much of a winter here by New England standards. But people are still bundling up against the cold, snuggling in under blankets with their sweethearts, sipping hot cocoa and watching “The Walking Dead” mid season premiere. Oh wait, that might just be me doing that…. So how did I segue from the zombie apocalypse to food ?(mmmm, braaiiinnss!) that’s just how my mind works I guess. There’s just no excuse for my eccentricity.
Guess it has to do with comfort and security. Rick, Daryl, Shane and the rest of them will tell you it’s a scary world out there- zombies or not. Nothing makes me feel more safe and secure than having all the family at home, me with my jammies and slippers on, and a pot of chicken and dumplings simmering on the stove, a roast in the crockpot, or a turkey in the oven. I take the help where I can get it and use chicken or beef stock whenever I can. And God bless Bisquick! There’s not many things better than a hot home cooked meal on a cold winter night. Certainly there’s few other things that signal safety and security.
I’m not a great cook- but I can make a few meals excellently, several more fairly well, and I’m a passable cook for the rest. (except maybe those brains…. Hahaha) Here’s my recipe for chicken and dumplings Enjoy! It’ll keep you full and focused for zombie killing and other things.
Chicken & Dumplings:
1 1/2 lbs boneless chicken, chopped in pieces.
2 parsnips, washed and sliced
2-3 carrots washed and sliced
1 small onion diced
2-3 cloves garlic minced
3 celery stalks washed and diced
1-3 potatoes (depending on size) peeled washed and cut into pieces
1 palmful of poultry seasoning, smidge of salt, pepper to taste
1-2 cups white wine
1 container chicken stock.
In large stockpot heat a little olive oil. Combine all veggies, salt, pepper and poultry seasoning, and sauté for about 5 minutes. Add white wine. Reduce liquid by about a third to a half. Add chicken stock and some water if need be. Add chicken. Cover, bring to boil. Then reduce heat and let simmer for 15-20 minutes. Add more chicken stock or water if needed. Add a handful of frozen peas and corn before adding the dumpling mix to the stew.
3 cups Bisquick mix
1 cup milk
Palmful of dried parsley (optional)
Combine ingredients, spoon over the chicken stew. Cook uncovered for 10 minutes, then cover and cook for an additional 10 minutes.
1-Dish Meal Heaven! It’ll keep you warm and cozy on these cold nights- whether you’re out saving the world from walkers or just putting in your usual 9-5.



2 thoughts on “Comfort Food

    • Thanks! My grandmothers recipes use measurements like schoche and smidgen… Lol. I’ve adapted this recipe from Rachel Ray on food network. My family loves it , and it can easily be doubled to feed an army. 😉 D.

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