Fame and Fortune

By now the entire planet knows Whitney Houston was found dead in the bathtub of her hotel room yesterday at the age of 48. That’s younger than me which kinda weirds me out in a way. Sort of like when I think about being older than Elvis. Whitney had that much talent- no question. My heart goes out to her family particularly her mother and her daughter. I’m gonna jump the gun here and assume some things. Rightly or wrongly.

Whitney Houston was a famous and talented singer. She also had a confirmed drug addiction, struggling for years with it. it appeared she’d gotten sober- but recently people also reported that she was behaving erratically and “partying hard”.  Her last pictures spoke volumes. Addiction is a tough thing to overcome, but it’s even harder when you’re rich and famous. It’s really really sad, because  her fame worked against her. Who wants to say no to a celebrity? (ask Conrad Murray). So the damaging activity continues for longer than it might for someone who’s not famous. Fame+Money+Drugs=Dead Celebrity. Janis, Jimi, Jim, Elvis, Marilyn, Heath, Montgomery, Amy, Kurt, River, Billie, Dee Dee, Bon, Bonzo, Ike, Judy and Michael…to name a few. So much wasted talent. It’s a sad old song. Too bad it’s such a catchy tune that people keep singing it.

Photo Credit: www.singersroom.com


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