Ridiculous !

Did you know there are at least 25 words in the English language that mean ‘ridiculous’ – and sound just as silly as their meaning??? Here they are in alphabetical order:
Balderdash. Blather. Claptrap. Cockamamie. Codswallop. Daffy. Drivel. Fatuous. Flibbertigibbet. Folderol. Gelastic. Gobbledygook. Godwottery. Gonzo. Hooey. Hogwash. Malarkey. Nincompoop. Palaver. Poppycock. Prattle. Rigmarole. Tripe. Twaddle. Waggish.
When you say them in your head, do you hear them in a British accent? I do-and I giggle. I giggle a alot. I giggle myself straight into an asthma attack if I’m not careful. I wonder if the Boggarts at Hogwarts get discombobulated by all this? That’s all I got- I have to go use my inhaler now….

2/12/12 – Consider “bunk”  and”hokum” added to this list!


5 thoughts on “Ridiculous !

  1. You missing Buncombe, or bunk, from which we get debunk, and that comes from an American Congressman from the my state of residency (NC), Buncombe County. Oh, and I’m British, and yes they do sound somehow more appropriate in the mother tongue. 🙂 So missing Bunc is utter codswollop!

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