Scheduling to Write

Enders Island, Mystic CT

I’ve got several ideas in the pipeline for near future posts. Things half written and pictures half organized. I’m finding if I can devote at least an hour a day I can get a lot accomplished. Sometimes it’s hard to schedule it though. So far I’m managing, but I would appreciate it if I could get some pointers as to how to keep focused and on target with writing. Do I keep several projects in queue and post when ready? I’m just wondering how folks make it work.

Tonight’s one of those nights I’m kinda swamped (translation: tired)  so this’ll be it for tonight. Future plans include a water theme photo essay; thoughts on foreign student exchange programs, more with the kids and the puppies -plus Draco and Falcor the ferrets. I may even “take you to work” with me for a day. Oh and I just found an awesome picture to add to my post from yesterday about children and safe recreation. Check it out, and check out the photographers website. Ian’s work is superb.
Any suggestions you all have for keeping focused and writing will be very welcome. Thanks much!


6 thoughts on “Scheduling to Write

  1. I usually make a note of that moment in the day (it’s usually in the morning, for some reason) when the blog topic “happens,” then compose it while the kids are eating dinner, and review it/add photos (if I had the presence of mind to take any — I have 4 under the age of 5) while our dinner is cooking. If I tried to be any more organized than that about blogging, my head would explode!

  2. I’m thinking that posting when something really moves you works the best. I don’t know if I’m on the right track, but I’m finding out that people are moved by true passion. Any comedic ability seems to score more viewers. Let me know ur thoughts!

    • Yep, you definitely have a point. Humor scores. As long as I’m passionate I don’t necessarily need to be funny- but it helps if I can find the humor. Thanks !!! ❤

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