Sicky McSick

I just blogged the other day about how much I miss my little girls now that they’re older. I should be more careful with my wishful thinking -ahem-because today my baby got sick. Children regress when they get sick. And they want their mommies. Here she is below, blanket and all – in the living room:

Now today’s not a day I’ve been at my best either. The back’s acting up. I’m 50. It happens. So I was home anyway. (My mother called me when she saw the car in the driveway to ask me if I needed anything. Can you bring me some ginger ale? Thanks Mom.)

Anyway, I limped in at 6:30am to wake her (my daughter not my mother) up for school and she croaked at me, I sweartagod, she actually croaked. She was coughing a little yesterday, but the air is as dry as the proverbial Sahara so I didn’t think much of it then. This morning it was worse, and she said her throat hurt. We spent the day with blankets and heating pad. Me on the couch, her on the floor, drinking tea, and hot cocoa, and dozing. By late afternoon she had a fever to go along with her sore throat.

Right now its 6:00pm-and Miss McSick- ness has taken some ibuprofen and is tucked into bed. Sophie’s at her feet playing medicine puppy. I hope I don’t catch what she’s got, but it’s nice to be needed. Drs tomorrow if she’s not better. My work here is never done. But I wouldnt change that even if I could.


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