The Name is Bond . . .

I’m a Bond Girl.  No, Really!  I have all 22 movies on either DVD or Blue-ray.  And, most of Ian Fleming’s novels along with some of the newer ones.  Just like Lord Byron, Bond is “mad, bad and dangerous to know”.   Me like.  Me like much.  James Bond appeals to the romantic in me. That girl who wants to be swept off her feet and carried away into a great adventure.  Sean Connery was the first and best.  Nobody else even comes close.  That dreamy Scots accent. Tall, dark, ruggedly handsome. Serious, but with that glint of mischievous charm.  I swoon and my heart flutters – to this day. If I ever met the man I probably really would faint.  I have to admit my favorite movies with him are From Russia with Love and Dr No.

Sean Connery, Dr. No 1962

Mostly plausible story lines, lots of action, (lots of Sean), beautiful women and exotic locales.  The later movies in his era got kind of campy and I like my Bond served on the serious side.  I know, I know – most people say Goldfinger was the best of the series  but I  just can’t take a movie seriously with a character named Pussy Galore in it.  However, that movie gets major props in my book for having the best Bond lines EVER:  “Bond: Who are you?  PG:  My name’s Pussy Galore.  Bond: (looks down,away, and smiles) I must be dreaming”.   Pretty daring for the mid 60’s.  Only James Bond could’ve gotten away with it (and did).

Roger Moore, Live and Let Die

Roger Moore really hammed it up in the 70’s with the double entendres and silly plot lines, but I loved these movies anyway.  The only problem was that to me he’ll always be Simon Templar.  I never really moved past that. Best work for Roger:  Live and Let Die.  L&LD also happens to be the best of the Ian Fleming novels. The plot of the movie diverges from the book in several ways, and has a very  hardboiled “noir” feeling to it that the movie does not capture.   Roger brought elegance to the role, despite the ridiculous innuendoes and far fetched stories.  He’s my 4th favorite Bond on my list.

George Lazenby, On Her Majesty's Secret Service

George Lazenby only had one outing as my hero.  Bond managed to briefly get married in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service.  The only non-Brit to play the role thus far, George never quite seemed comfortable in James’ skin.  My least favorite of the flicks, and my least favorite Bond. Sorry George.

Timothy Dalton, The Living Daylights

The Timothy Dalton movies came, and I was happily reunited with my serious James.  Timothy even looked like Ian Fleming’s description of Bond. Dark hair, blue eyes.  Big 80’s movie budgets and good special effects.  Much more believable villains.  Dalton’s performance as Bond was a bit wooden though.  My second to last favorite performances – coming in at number 5.

Pierce Brosnan, The World is Not Enough

And now for Mr Brosnan.  He combined  the elegance of Roger Moore with the impish charm of Sean Connery. Tall, handsome Black Irish. My kinda guy. In the novels Bond’s family motto is  The World is Not Enough, and this is my third favorite movie – and Bond – in the series.  Lots of action and special effects.   The new M  finally found her niche in this film.  A female M was initially a little hard to get used to.

Daniel Craig.  Oh. My. Gawd.  Who’d’ve thought that a rugged blond would be able to reboot the series so effectively?  And what that man did for those La Perla bathing trunks!  I darn near had a seizure.  (And so did the ladies sitting next to me in the theatre).  Those free running sequences in the opening scenes of Casino Royale were heart stopping and amazing.  21st

Daniel Craig, Casino Royale

Century Bond.  Best line:  Bond to Le Chiffre –  “Now the whole world’s gonna know you died scratching my balls.” Love it.  Love him.  He’s my second favorite – just sayin.  All these movies  remind me that my inner romantic is still alive and well. James can come in guns blazing,  rescue me from the bad guys, and whisk me away to Venice, or Paris, or the Carribbean.  Its a nice change from my usual average existence – even if its only in my imagination.   The name’s Bond,  James Bond.  I won’t forget it; will you?

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