I have these powers – honest and for true. Unfortunately they seem to backfire when it comes to keeping my house organized.  I love my little house. I really do.   But small living spaces aren’t easier to keep clean than larger ones.  In fact, the battle to stay organized and de-clutter can be overwhelming.  Especially when you live with a group of pack rats. Who…Save…Everything…  (To be fair, not everyone in my family is like this. But the ones who are….. ) Please understand, “Little House” is all of 760 square feet. This includes the finished attic (8X30 approx)where my oldest roosts.   My younger daughter has an 8X8 bedroom which is unfortunately the only passageway up to the nest. My living room is a mere 10X13 (bedroom, same). My kitchen is so small we have to step away from the sink in order for someone to get into the fridge.

Therefore, its crucial for the house to be kept as clutter free as possible. But I get myself into trouble frequently – believe it or not 😉 when it comes to cleaning.  I get myself into trouble – because what I view as clutter and disposable – is a priceless, irreplaceable treasure to someone else.   I actually heard this once – “Hey don’t throw that away – I might need it someday!”  Organization experts will tell you to sort your stuff into 3 categories at minimum (save, toss, undecided) & if you haven’t used it or worn in in the last year, GET RID OF IT. (unless the items in question are stuff like your wedding photos, or the kids’ baby pictures).  Some members of my family have issues when it comes to parting ways with things, and cannot/will not put anything into a “get rid of” pile.  And this is when I get into hot water with my cosmic superpowers.  Let me set the scene for you:

Said member(s) of the family are going to be out of the house for a few hours or more. They leave.  I don my Stealth  Super-Ninja gear, grab a couple trash bags and sneak into the combat zone…  Flash Forward:  Rooms are clutter free and relatively organized.  Trash is bagged, tied up and put in the outside bin. Note:  if you do this, remember to put the lid back on so the evidence is not seen! I got caught this way…once (holds up pointer finger) …once.   I return to my computer or a good book.  Family members return home -grateful I cleaned & oblivious to what I tossed out – continue about their usual business.

7/10 times this strategy works great and the items creating the chaos are never ever missed…. There’s just those pesky other 3 times.  People get super annoyed at me. And to be fair – I have inadvertently thrown out actual important things a couple of times.  If they catch me, they don’t let me forget that. Ever. So I HAVE to be sneaky about it.  I just don’t see why the broken toy from the happy meal you got when you were like, 6 – is of any historical or emotional significance.  Or the construction paper heart and curly ribbon Happy Birthday tags that you left underneath some books on the counter -need to be saved for more than a week past said birthday.

Don’t even get me started on the stuff in the garage – we haven’t been able to park a car in there since 2007.


2 thoughts on “PHENOMENAL COSMIC POWERS… Itty Bitty Living Space…

  1. Before Squish was born, we were a family of four in 900 square feet. We did a big purge every six months. We have a bigger house now, but we still keep with the purge. It doesn’t take long for the “stuff” to begin to overtake.

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