Wig Moments

I’m having far too many of these days lately – what my friend and co-worker Jackie refers to as “wig moments”. This refers to the need to actually wear a wig because you’ve pulled your hair out from the stress of dealing with people.  EPIPHANY-(insert harps and trumpet music here) That’s probably where the phrase “wigging out” came from in the first place.   Now that I seem to have  learned something today let me proceed…

I ask myself on a daily basis “Hey if I can do this – How hard can it be”?  Mistake number one, because obviously someone at some point during the day is gonna futz up something that should be easy-breezy.  Is it because they’re dumb? No. They just have a different way of looking at the issue than I do.  This has become my mantra lately. The only thing saving others from serious injury – and me from jail or a Rogers Order…

There are times when I feel like the teacher from the “Peanuts” cartoons. Wahh, wahh wahh wahhh…  aaannnd  repeat.  Just when I think I have been crystal clear about something -apparently…. NOT.  Gahh!  Those  feelings of invisibility and frustration I’m sure we all know.  I’ve discovered the benefits of email at work and text messages at home when it comes to documenting communication.  If its there in black and white it can’t be argued with.  They still try though. But, it helps with holding people accountable – at work and at home.  Keeping my sanity means compartmentalizing – a lot.    I have a work “box”, a” personal”  box, and several others.  I try to only take stuff out as I need to deal with it and put it back when I’m finished.  If its not out on my plate, then I can relax a little.  That, and a good glass of wine while preparing dinner. . .   Any thoughts? What coping strategies work for you?


4 thoughts on “Wig Moments

  1. Well! I love the Peanuts Teacher part; and yes, people do perceive things differently than we do, and it is very frustrating when it seems so obvious to us. Honestly – my coping strategies – praying, meditating, and when all else falls my good friends Jack and Ginger!

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