Note to Congress and The US Government


If you are serious about fixing our national debt problem then the bottom line folks is that you have to CUT SPENDING.

Here is a list of things we’ve spent an INCREDIBLE amount of money on (source: Forbes Magazine, online – via Comcast) I think that spending money on things like this is shamefully ludicrous and COMPLETELY unjustifiable – when we have so much debt on our hands and so many of our citizens doing without – every day.

According to Forbes Magazine the Federal Government has racked up the following expenditures:

2 million – to fund a study about posting pictures online (?????) Honestly, who cares??

1.5 million – to provide 36 new toilet facilities at Denali National Park (I MIGHT be willing to let this one slide…)

1.5 million – development of a robot that folds laundry(?) This might have potential if it could do it faster than 1 towel every half hour – even my kids fold faster than that! Rosie Jetson it aint!

1 million – a study about baby names – again WHO CARES???

175 million – Dept of Veterans Affairs re the upkeep of empty and unused buildings. If we cant find a use for them, rent them out -or demolish them.

930 million – Unnecessary printing costs for the federal government. Go Electronic. Much of this stuff can and should be viewed online.

112 million – fraudulent tax payments to prisoners. Crime does pay, even when you’re in lockup I guess. Other than that, words fail me…

5 million – spent on a 3 week long FAA conference in Atlanta – which many said turned into one long par-tay.

4.2 million- for duplicate transportation shuttle services for Federal Employees. Each department runs its own service apparently and they run empty a lot. Apparently the government is afraid its employees might actually talk to one another???

15.7 million – to subsidize an unprofitable shooting range in Clark County, Nevada

47.6 million – to fund a streetcar system in Atlanta the runs the same route as the subway.

3 million – to fund a study using treadmills for shrimp….. (WTF!) Again, words fail me…..

2.9 million – to fund a study about World of Warcraft and other video games

2.5 million – Census Superbowl Commercial…. Nuff sed….

and heres a real kicker from another source:
Michele Obama’s personal staff: 22 yep 22.
(total $1,591,200 in annual salaries.)
Previous First Ladies made do with ONE (yes, 1) staffer- including Laura Bush, Barbara Bush, Roselyn Carter, Hillary Clinton, and Jackie Kennedy. Mamie Eisenhower paid for hers from her husband’s salary. Even Stockard Channing on  The West Wing only had one.

Total UNNECESSARY Expenditures:

1 Billion, 308.9 Million Dollars

It’s a figurative drop in the bucket but it’s a start. CUT SPENDING ON THE STUPID STUFF. That 1.3 billion could be MUCH better utilized elsewhere, to pay down the debt or to keep vital programs and resources afloat.

Show some fiscal responsibility and common sense! Thank you, that is all….


An American Taxpayer



3 thoughts on “Note to Congress and The US Government

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    • Thanks! It’s an old note I dusted off and updated. Yes, we could get by quite nicely on 1.3 billion. (please and thank you) I can hardly wait to hear from the uber liberals on this for daring to mention Michele… lol.

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