Quote of the Day

“Success is never final. Failure is never final. It is courage that counts”. ~ Sir Winston Churchill
Life’s a rollercoaster. Sometimes you’re riding high, sometimes Murphy decides to move in. The Brits cornered the market on stiff upper lips and soldiering on; so who better than the former Prime Minister of the UK to speak about hanging in there? Churchill personified courage and tenacity for several generations on both sides of the Atlantic; and was a source of inspiration to many. Still is to many, I’m sure.
To me, this quote says that no matter what your circumstances, you gotta take that next breath, that next step forward- and meet whatever challenges you have as best you can. It’s nice – and it’s important – to have friends and family to share the good times, and provide support when needed. Life’s gonna do whatever it’s gonna do. We can and will make it through.



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