Which one is better?

I’m still playing around with Photoshop and have not gotten the hang of it yet. Here are three pictures I’ve being playing with (backstory below the pictures):

The original photo was taken on a girls-only weekend with my best friend and my oldest daughter in July 2006. I woke up early, went out onto the balcony with my coffee and snapped this photo with my Sony 5mp digital camera. I highly recommend girls only weekends. Shout out to Cheryl and Jocelyn: “Peabody! Beverly!” I will be sure to blog about the wicked awesome benefits of female bonding in the very near future. The second ” take” I messed around with photoshops color balance in the blues and reds to give it a more pink feeling, and the third, I applied a “quick edge burn” action from the “PW Photoshop Actions” www.thepioneerwoman.com (I love Ree!). Please comment and let me know what you think, ’cause I really need to improve my skills in this area and its something I enjoy doing.

Also, please note that in my newbie ignorance I deleted my original photography post and its comments by mistake. I will be reposting that picture and the backstory soon. Please bear with me while I figure all this out. Thanks, enjoy and I hope to hear from a lot of you!

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