Well, for those of you wondering what happened to my original post, here’s the scoop:  I was trying to customize my blog menu because I realized that just having a photography page would not allow me to save previous posts because I would always have to edit and re-upload.  Sooo, I went in and stupidly started playing around – inadvertently deleting the post on that page when I did so.  Yeah I know….   Anyway, I am redoing it to the best of my recollection. Here you are —

Dad's Siberian Iris

My dad gave me about 20 siberian iris bulbs about 7 years ago.  We’ve moved them several times for various reasons – not the least of which is my black thumb when it comes to all things chlorophyll-ish.  The first year they did well was actually in 2007. Right when Daddy passed away.  I made sure to include the irises  in his funeral flower arrangement.  This past spring the irises went nuts.  I took this picture with my iPhone 4; getting right into the flower bed.  I actually have this photo (zoomed in) on my phone wall paper. It has a very Georgia O’Keefe feeling to it.  I find the iPhone great for taking static shots, but I’m not liking it so much for action (it can’t decide what to focus on).  Any thoughts?  Do you use your camera phone a lot?


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