Unusual Morning Conversation

I don’t know about you, but weekday mornings at my house are C.R.A.Z.Y. My children are auditioning for “stagger-on” roles in AMC’s “The Walking Dead” – and have been since wayyy before the show was even thought of. My role in the morning is to be the ReAnimator. Since I’m usually succumbing to the Zombie Virus myself this can get interesting. The only one of the family who is a morning person is my husband. But, since he’s out the door to work before 6am it falls to the Zombie-in-Charge (aka ME) to marshall the troops for reveille.

Hellooo – time to get up sweetie > Are you up yet? > Get up, please > GET UP NOW! This despite both girls using alarms -Curse you Snooze Button! Once feet hit the floor the mumbled neanderthal type questions start: Where socks? Where gym clothes? What for breakfast? Do you know (where I put my) geography project? Answers: ” wherever you left them”,” in the dryer”, “whatever you feel like making”, and “no”. My favorite comeback when I am alert enough to remember it is: “the last time I wore it I left it in the attic”. Somehow, I never get the laugh I always think I will. And then there’s always the famous forgotten homework assignment, project or other item they just HAVE to have that day… I take it all in while sipping a large dark roast- with a big dollop of cocoa in it. Once the caffeine hits my bloodstream I am generally able to assist in finding whatever needs to be found before we head out the door. This morning was no exception – except that both girls were unusually wide awake by the time we got into the car.

Somehow, we got talking about one of my younger daughters’ art projects (she drew a blue octopus in pastels). That got her and her sister discussing what the proper plural form of octopus is. Octopi? Octopuses? (Its Octopuses, actually) My oldest mentioned that “octo” is greek for 8 and “pus” has some latin root in the word legs so octopus means 8 legs. My brain jumps to spiders (EWW! I know, right?) and I pipe up with “So does that mean a spider should be called arachnopus? Both girls start giggling uncontrollably and my oldest informs me that I just called a spider “weaver legs”…. O.o Further conversation then centers around the proper use of the plural in regard to the Aurora Borealis. (which we have unfortunately been unable to see lately due to the swine/stupid cloud cover) Suggestions from the peanut gallery included Aurori? Aurora Boreali? Aurorae? Aurora Borealissssszzzzezzzzz? We discovered we have absolutely no idea.

Quite a nice change from the usual monosyllabic grunts and groans that make up a morning at El Rancho de la Muerta. Peace, Out.


PS This is my youngest daughters original artwork!!  Love you Jillian!


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