What Chewy Did

The two dogs compete for our attention a lot. If I’m scritching a forehead, the other forehead shows up for its fair share. Señor Fluffy Pants and the Chocolate Moose – aka Chewbacca and Sophie; they’re cute. Border Collie mix and chocolate lab – canine definitions of adorableness. But the sibling rivalry gets a bit much sometimes.

Sophie has epilepsy. Generally its pretty well controlled with the meds but yesterday she had a short breakthrough seizure. I work in human services and see people having seizures all the time so I’m used to that; but there’s few things more heartbreaking than watching your dog have a full blown grand mal.

So I sat with her and comforted her. Usually if I’m petting Soph then Chewch has to come over and get between us. He did get up, but instead of inserting himself between me and Sophie, he very gently laid his head on hers. Dogs know, they just know. He got an extra treat last night, jussayin….


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